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I want to thank everyone at Cypress Pointe who had a hand in helping with my mom's physical therapy, from the kitchen staff, house cleaning and CNAs to Wesley, Pressly, Erica, Doug, Randall and Travis. It is difficult taking care of a loved one, especially bedridden, so to watch her go from the bed to a walker in 2 weeks time is very impressive and indicative of the hard work the staff put forth, as well as my mom. Sincerely, thank you! Lonnie Moosman
Lonnie Moosman
I have NEVER in my life met a group of people that are more than willing to jump in and help whomever needs it. Managers, housekeepers, nursing staff, you name it! No one is above helping anyone and everyone is determined to make sure the residents are as happy and comfortable as can be. Great establishment!!
Katie Belcher
My hats off to all the nurses and staff I've met there so far as an agency nurse. They absolutely effi g ROCK! Its hard to find an all around good group of staff in this particular business, but by George, I think they've got it!
Tammy Walser Christian
A great place for rehabilitation and nursing. Friendly staff!
jacob jackson
A wonderful and encouraging environment.
Lindsay Williams
Staff was pleasant, and everyone worked well together. The rehab was great, and everyone was very timely in their response when I had a question.
Avis H
The therapy and food were great, and the kindness that the staff showed to me made this a very happy place to be. Everyone was caring and thoughtful. I would definitely recommend this facility.
Mary C
Staff handled concerns timely, the building was very clean. Nothing to improve upon - everyone was great! Would recommend this facility to family and friends.
Robert Dietrich
Clean and organised . Friiendly staff
charles bailes