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Working in a large medical center, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Falling off my roof a few months ago, going through a few surgeries on my right ankle and left elbow, I ended up at Cypress Pointe Rehab. The two opposing injuries made any rehab difficult. But I must say, everyone in the rehab area were amazing. The techs are all well educated, well experienced, and very nice. I watched how they worked with the residents, treating them with respect, and much like family. The techs always found the balance between pushing the residents to overcome their disabilities, and not giving them more than they could do at the time. As for me, with my injuiries, they found unique ways to begin my rehab process. After a few weeks, with their guidance, I made amazing progress. The LORD truly blessed me with the whole team. I want to thank Wesley, a very nice lady, who was the mediator between myself and the insurance company. There were a few nurses who were great. You know who you are. I want to thank Nate,, Doug,, Lindsey, Lizzie, Brian, John, John, and Amber. Also Garry, the unit manager. GOD bless you all.
D Crawford
I have worked at Cypress Pointe for over a year now. Our Administrator and Director of Nursing as well as our Therapy Director are some of the absolute best in the business at what they do. They rock! They truly care about our patients, their families and our staff. We have an excellent therapy department. From our kitchen staff, to our Custodial Staff, our Nurses, CNAs, our maintenance staff, our Social Worker, our Nursing Unit Manager, our Activities Director……. really our ENTIRE Cypress Pointe family is very close and it is a wonderful place to work! Our medical director Dr. Williams and NP Shannon and team of medical students from ECU make rounds daily and have amazing attention to detail in following and tracking each resident and their medical needs. Our wound doctor, Dr. Murphy closely tracks wound care and also rounds weekly and sees each resident on her case load. A very special shout out to Holley, you will be greatly missed!
Robert Copeland
From the night I arrived until the day I left, I found the care outstanding! I can’t say enough about how welcomed and cared for I felt during my stay. Wesley, Alison, and John (heads ofAdmin, Nursing, and Therapy) were both friendly and professional on their care. I required physical, occupational, and speech therapy and I found all therapists challenging and supportive throughout my stay with a special call out to Doug, Nate, and Robin for their care. The nurses were all great, too especially Jen, Beth, and Donna! I heartily recommend the facility!
Rick Buckley
The amount of care and support that was given to my father was amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable staff went above and beyond.
Charles Wesson
Our 91 year old mother was at Cypress Point for 2 months. We all had a wonderful experience! It is a no-frills facility, but great nursing staff and therapists. They were concerned about her safety and really focused on getting her ready to go back home. The therapists did a home visit before discharge and were meticulous! We were able to make our home safe and have her return home. Our mother really enjoyed the outside courtyard. It is a small facility with a great community feel. We will return if further rehab is needed.
maureen boner
Great rehab facility! Wonderful staff! They did a great job helping my mother while she was staying there.
Haley Moore
Everyone was so pleasant and professional. My stay and treatment helped me get back to my normal and healthy life. I'd like to thank everyone at Cypress Pointe!!
Kenneth Heaton
The Therapy personnel are top notch, I suffered from a stroke September 17thand was able to leave the center on November 18th walking on my own with a cane.I went in like where I could even sit straight and hold my balance on the edge of a bed.The directors of admissions, therapy and nursing Wesley, John, and Allison are wondering and Amazing caring individuals.Many caring and helpful nurses and CNA's
Louie Vega
Management rocks!
Cypress Pointe is one of the best facilities in Wilmington. The staff from top to bottom are awesome!
Holley Koontz
Cypress Pointe is one of the best facilities in the area! Not only did the staff exceed all my expectations when caring for a family member, but the facility itself is very nice and cleanliness is 10/10. I couldn’t have asked for better care, attentiveness, and compassion from all of the staff I had the pleasure of meeting. Highly recommend to anyone who is in need of rehabilitation!!
Jenny Hurt
A dear family member of mine stayed at this facility and had an exceptional experience, great staff who care about their residents!
Samantha Joyce
Great nursing staff! Hardworking and dedicated people to ensuring loved ones are cared for properly!
Brad Reynolds
Excellent experience here! I can not explain how caring the staff are that works there. Therapy Was great and the team there was great. All of the nasty trash written here is rubbish and should be removed from here. These people don’t get the credit they deserve at all!
Mandy Treolo
I want to thank everyone at Cypress Pointe who had a hand in helping with my mom's physical therapy, from the kitchen staff, house cleaning and CNAs to Wesley, Pressly, Erica, Doug, Randall and Travis. It is difficult taking care of a loved one, especially bedridden, so to watch her go from the bed to a walker in 2 weeks time is very impressive and indicative of the hard work the staff put forth, as well as my mom. Sincerely, thank you! Lonnie Moosman
Lonnie Moosman
I have NEVER in my life met a group of people that are more than willing to jump in and help whomever needs it. Managers, housekeepers, nursing staff, you name it! No one is above helping anyone and everyone is determined to make sure the residents are as happy and comfortable as can be. Great establishment!!
Katie Belcher
My hats off to all the nurses and staff I've met there so far as an agency nurse. They absolutely effi g ROCK! Its hard to find an all around good group of staff in this particular business, but by George, I think they've got it!
Tamela Walser Christian
A great place for rehabilitation and nursing. Friendly staff!
jacob jackson
A wonderful and encouraging environment.
Lindsay Williams
Clean and organised . Friiendly staff
charles bailes